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“Along Time” Gone

Reading the dance of a poem between the lines of night and day, between the song of solemn and the fork and spoon leaving town together; what a sight, in their silver armor, guarding the light from the night. I cannot call it darkness; it’s too foreboding. I’m afraid of the bear in overbear; perhaps that’s exactly what the word means. Yes perhaps. And what about “over” other things, like turn, and burden, and rule, and see, and there… There is much to be learned by keeping track of your thoughts as they escape from the darkness… Is it to overcome over here or overhear. the way we say what can’t be said is startling, and yet some would say “it’s about time.”

What the hell? You go from deliding processors to the fork and the spoon…

Well, like the title says, along time gone. Look at 9/28/02 for more on time.

I think you’ve gone overboard. LOL

2009 Mac Pro 8-Core to 12-Core

What? Seriously? I thought you were happy with what you had.

Yes, delidding and all that frightening stuff. The 2009 Mac Pro 8-Core is the only Mac Pro that shipped with delidded processors. I couldn’t resist an 8-Core on Ebay for $227 with local pickup.

What the hell is delidding?

The integrated heat spreader/sink (IHS) is removed from the chip. Overclockers are familiar with this processes. However, what makes it more difficult is the particular Intel Xeon in the 2009 are soldered to the chip; it’s not just thermal paste. There are various methods on the internet, ranging from a using a vice to “pop” it off, to a small torch applied directly in the chip area of the IHS. After watching lots of videos on youtube, I did it using a hot air station. It took longer than 30 seconds, more like a minute. The temperature was at 400 C.

So it “went off” without a problem?

Not really…

Okay, do tell… what the hell happened? 

Well I didn’t burn the house down, but I started off with the wrong  CPUs (kind of like starting on the wrong foot). which I didn’t find out were wrong until trying to boot the machine. Both CPUs delidded  and solder cleaned from the chip, thermal paste applied, both heat sinks tightened and press the power button = chime then kernel panic.

Oh no! Now what?

Remove heatsink B and CPU in B socket and boot with only new CPU in A socket = capable of boot. Sooooo remove heatsink and CPU in A socket and put in the CPU removed from B socket = second CPU in A socket also capable of booting. Put both back in respective sockets (reapply thermal paste), press power button = chime then kernel panic related to CPU again!

So what’s up? 😡

Well, according to Macrumors, I’d gotten the wrong CPUs. The Xeons that begin with a W are fine for the single processor 2009 Mac Pro, but not the dual processor 2009. The dual system requires the Xeons that begin with an X.

OMG what did you pay for those little bastards?

🙁 $85 for both and now I have to get the X Xeons. So I listed the delidded CPUs on Craigslist, and ordered what I should have gotten in the first place. Lesson = you can never do too much research before beginning a new project. Took a couple of days for the correct processors (X5675 @ 3.06GHz) to arrive. Since I already had two successful delid experiences under my belt, this time it went off without a hitch. Yeah, I maintained my balance without dropping a shoe.


Waiting For The Latest…

Not a Joke

Words do matter. Facts Matter.

Almost 80 Years Later…

Oh no, it’s not time travel again, is it? 

No, time travel would be much easier to talk about.

So about 80 years ago, was World War II. Why talk about that now? 

I watched the movie, “The Pianist” yesterday. Set in the Warsaw ghetto, = witness the survival of the Jewish pianist against all odds. The cruelty and death in the ghetto foreshadow our world today. As I watched, I just kept thinking/feeling, the horror over and over, the horror. And so in 80 years only the targets of hate and fear have changed. Muslims, Syrians, refugees, people from “shithole” countries are not welcome here. Many Syrian cities are rubble. Those who can get out are fleeing, some with nothing more then the clothes they are wearing. Just as we stood by while Hitler and his henchmen murdered the Jews, we have done little to stop Bashar al Assad from murdering innocents. The world is still a dark place for so many. I can’t say anymore about it.

Why not?

It’s so terrible; in truth it was very hard to watch the movie. I had to watch, I think we all should be reminded not to forget history. Although it’s in the history books (except holocaust deniers), it doesn’t seem we learned how to avoid being cruel and hateful human beings.



Now What?

Yeah, that’s right now what? You’ve got the “machine” all tricked out; what you gonna do with all that power?

Going back to some tutorials for Blender. I was making progress last spring, before my dad went on the downhill slide. Too much time has gone by for this old mind, and I’ll have to begin again! Downloaded the current version yesterday, and so begins the play.


Geekbench Scores

Geekbench sees my 2009 Mac Pro as a 2010, because of the firmware hack. More than satisfied with this machine as it stands now.

CPU Replace = Success!

So… how did it go?

Not too scary. The new/refurbished 6-Core processor arrived yesterday, and I put it in the Mac Pro today.  The Northbridge heatsink is under the the giant processor heatsink, and the plastic rivets on it the were holding fine. The sink was; however, full of dust; a good blow out with compressed air has the Northbridge Chip running 10C cooler! With not much going on the chip reads 53c instead of 63c.

What about the Geekbench results on the cpu?

The multi-core score did almost double and the single-core rose somewhat. I’ll post the particulars tomorrow.


Yes, I’m stuck trying to implement a jQuery toggle for comments. Unless you want to leave a comment, you shouldn’t have to see that form under every post! Had plumbers in the house all day; spent a lot of time trying to figure out comments.

So did you get it done?

Plumbing work got done, but I gave up, after fiddling for hours with various scripts for making comments act the way I wanted them to. Removed the numerous changes I made in several files, and now have no comments. That’s fine.

Whew… lots of WORK to do
Broken links, irrelevant links, linked blogs that have disappeared, software that is way outdated, missing flash files. Where the hell are they?

Ha I knew you couldn’t resist asking a question.

So where do we go from here?