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1.) Where do you stand on the eve of war, and why? If you wrote about this already, point to your post.

Recently (see post below) I’ve been struggling with not having a position, but leaning toward NO WAR. I do not want the United States to be the aggressor, but at the same time I’m frightened of doing nothing as dictator regimes arm themselves with powerful weapons. Then I ask myself, if it’s the weapons I/we are afraid of, why not North Korea? And “all it took” for 9/11 was a handful of men with box cutters? Yes I know, it seems I’ve always got more questions than answers. They are not actors; real people will be fighting and dying on both sides. FYI: are you interested in what Bill Clinton said today in the Guardian?

2.) Has your position caused arguments with friends or family?

No my position, or lack there of to firmly land on one side, or the other has not caused any rifts as of yet

3.) Is there some other issue that has you grinding your teeth? What is it?

The destruction of the victorian houses in my neighborhood to make room for a Giant.

“Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.”

–John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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The King of Hearts

I saw The King of Hearts yesterday. It’s probably been 20 years since I last saw this movie.

So what?

I posted (see post) not too long ago about feeling guilty that I had not taken a position on the war. The movie reminded me how insane war is, but can I take a position based on an old movie, set in World War I that’s based on fiction, not fact?

Why not?

I suppose there are some with less logical reasons, who insist one way, or the other. However, perhaps I should watch another film from “the other side,” before rendering my final verdict.

Can’t you just make up your own mind about it?

It’s the making up part that bothers me. And then as I read over this post I see the word remind. What the hell does that mean? re: mind? as in calling this to your attention? or re a prefix signifying back. Back of my mind all along, and I might add in back of what exactly? What is behind my mind?

Don’t you think we make everything up?

I think we are responsible for what has meaning in our lives. We imbue with meaning those things that are important to us, but as to how they became significant in the first place, I lose my place.

Yes I think you’ve lost your place alright; you’re veering off topic.

Not really, the topic is how, or why we “make up” our minds.

“One’s mind has a way of making itself up in the background, and it suddenly becomes clear what one means to do.”

–A. C. Benson

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Before the fall The fall

Where did those victorian houses go?

The Giant food store chain bought a huge parcel of land in the Waverly district of Baltimore. The parcel includes property running from 32nd Street North to 33rd Street, and stretches three blocks to the East. Four large old victorian homes are/were on Gorsuch Ave. Click on the images to see the before, and fall of the last standing home.


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Something to get excited about

I dreamt last night of many blogger type tools, some of which already exist, and other which do not. The only thing is, this morning I can’t remember what they were. Yesterday I heard about a job opening with requirements that I meet, except that I don’t know anything about ASP driven sites. Well as my geekier friends know that’s a microsoft [thingamybobbie]. Oh, and excellent written communication is also a requirement.

And you’re going around saying thingamybobbie?

It’s microsoft, so it’s a bit complicated. I’ve taught myself Flash, Photoshop, HTML and taken classes in C and C++; however, it seems ASP development comes out of Visual Basic which I don’t know. One thing I’ve learned is there is a difference between ASP and ASP.NET. Anyway, enough of that. What I wanted to tell you was that my searching around on the web for ASP information is what I think led to dreaming about blogger tools/applications.

But who cares if you can’t remember them?

I’m hoping they might pop back into consciousness over the next few days, as I try to learn something about ASP using Dreamweaver MX.

Why Dreamweaver?

Because that’s what I have, and I think it’s comparable to Adobe GoLive, which is what was used to generate the existing site. Also, I don’t think it’s reasonable to figure I can get myself up and running on VB, in just a couple of days. However, if I spend some time on Dreamweaver I might be able to come off as knowing something about ASP.

What’s else is new?

I helped my friend Su set up her blog over the weekend; please stop over there and give her the “hi sign.”

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Tuesday Too Tuesday Too

1.) What’s your take on this article from the New York Times today?

“…Several privacy and security experts said that Mr. Kapor’s decision was significant and was indicative of the kinds of clashes between security and privacy that could become increasingly common.” (The New York Times, March 10, 2003) Mitchell Kapor is/was from Groove. I posted about the stability and security of Groove software not too long ago. I see his decision to resign as a flag/signal of the erosion of rights we take for granted. Somewhere Chad had a good post on rights, and just what are they anyway? If you are here Chad point to that post. Do I have a right to privacy? Do I have a chance to say I’d rather not give it up, even for the “good of the country?”

2.) Network television is swimming in “reality” shows. You are the creator of the latest show to hit the circuit. Give a brief description of your show. Sarcasm welcomed.

We’ve come full circle from Joe Millionaire to Married by America. I created Married to Dwarfs; a show full of enchantment and magical growth hormone injections.

3.) What do you really wish you were doing today?

I’d rather be painting. I’d rather be having a second cup of coffee, with cream which I’ve run out of.

“There’s a very fine line between a groove and a rut; a fine line between eccentrics and people who are just plain nuts.”

–Christine Lavin, Prisoners of their Hairdos

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I stayed with my parents in their retirement community condo last night. Standing out in the parking lot smoking (no you can’t smoke here) this morning, I saw a large, yellow moving van pull up. My first thought was, are they moving in, or moving out? But, then I realized people only move in here. If the person that lived here is moving out, it’s not under their own power, because the living has stopped. The move outs are conducted by loved ones and friends.

You are so morbid.

No not really, I’m just saying/seeing how it is; although it’s true I do tend to notice things about dying.

So, I’m standing there finishing my cigarette scanning the side of the truck, and the advertising screams out “Moving by Sudden Death,” but then just as my eyes are popping out of my head, I see that it really says, “Moving by Suddath.”

See you are morbid.

What does sudden death mean? Sudden means unexpectedly, or unforeseen. We have a syndrome called sudden death syndrome in infants and young adults meaning death unexpectedly in otherwise healthy individuals. In some way all death is unexpected. Yes, we all know the saying about “…death and taxes,” but even when we’ve been though the experience of losing someone we love, we forget. Maybe getting older increases our awareness of it’s inevitability. My parents are more aware of it, but mostly I don’t want to see. Sometimes I see it when I don’t want to, like this morning. My unconscious mind showing me the last horizon: yours, mine and their’s.

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Now I know I’m in trouble; I actually clicked on one of those [spammails] to lose weight in my sleep. Are you dreaming now? Just because it felt like spring yesterday, I’m imagining myself putting on shorts, or rather trying to put on the shorts, but they won’t fit!

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Testzone Testing

Yes this is a test; it is only a test. You may need to adjust the volume of the sound on your computer. What you are listening to is a description of a lucid dream.

Do you think this Audblog software will catch on, or “fade away?”

Powered by audblogaudblog audio post

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Spelling, who gives a flying *%&*!, about that?

For some strange reason, I do. I hate it when I read one of my posts with a typo, or find I’ve forgotten to run it through some kind of spell check. Since I don’t have blogger pro, I usually run my post through my mail program, before I publish, or if it’s one word I’m unsure about I type it into google, and it comes up with the correct spelling as an alternative. The last month I’ve been getting to my mail through Mozilla, and quite frankly the spell check stinks [pu].


I don’t know, I guess I’m just rambling, trying to get a threat going, but failing miserably.

What’s really going on?

I’m taking a painting and a drawing class this semester, or rather I’m supposed to be taking them, but for reasons ranging from back aches to just plain old procrastination, I have fail to show up for class. Thus at this point I have no other recourse, but to withdraw. Hmmm… I’m withdrawing from drawing; that should count for something. I found the quote below on Leah’s blog yesterday, which gave a brief moment of relief.

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your life and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms or books that are written in a foreign tongue. The point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will gradually, without noticing it, live your way some distant day into the answers.”

–Rainer Maria Rilke

However, upon refection I find my circumstances don’t really qualify. This is really about the BIG QUESTIONS of life, not the nagging sticky attic door that was never locked in the first place. I will not be fooled by my own propensity to elevate the trivial to the spectacular.

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Tuesday Too Tuesday Too

1.) Do you know about GeoURL? Check it out to find your neighbor’s blog, or the web page of a restaurant near you. Find your house with a satellite photo map, and put your self in the database if you’re so inclined.

I haven’t added mine yet, because the whole idea spooked me; maybe I’m just a wee bit paranoid?

2.) How many times have you redesigned, or chosen a new template for your blog/journal, and are you content with your current look?

Only once, and I’m content enough not to fool with it for quite some time.

3.) From The New York Times February 11, 2003: “…The federal appeals court in St. Louis ruled yesterday that officials in Arkansas can force a prisoner on death row to take antipsychotic medication to make him sane enough to execute. Without the drugs, the prisoner, Charles Laverne Singleton, could not be put to death under a United States Supreme Court decision that prohibits the execution of the insane.” The prisoner referred to was convicted of murder, and sentenced to death for in 1979. You’ve probably already heard about this, but what do you think/feel about it?

This is a difficult topic, and I’m almost tempted to delete the question, because I have more questions than answers for this. Was he insane when he committed the murder, and if so why wasn’t he found not guilty because of insanity? However, even if he was not insane then, but now is, it seems to me there is something fundamentally wrong with using medication to enhance the mind, in order to end it. On the other hand…

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