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Tuesday Too # 32

Tuesday Too1.) What would make you just give it all up, or if there isn’t anything that bad, how come?

I can’t think of anything that would do that for me. When I say I’m depressed, I have to explain that I don’t mean clinically depressed. Although sometimes I would like to pull the covers over my head and not face the day, I never do. I think it’s because my family is what you would call, “buckup” stock. In some cases this is a good thing, but not always. Now you might say, why isn’t it always good? Because, if you must keep going at all costs, you might need to not pay much attention to how you feel. So? That’s a bad habit; it can lead to, “I don’t know how I feel.”

2.) What in your life gives you the most satisfaction, or a sense of purpose? Can you explain why?

Being an artist. You know the funny thing is, that what I most enjoy about it is deciding what it is I’m going to do. Setting it up if it’s a still life, or going to where I’m going to paint and selecting what I will paint from that landscape. What angle will I view it, paint it from? Zoom in or zoom out? Why does this give me satisfaction, or purpose? Because when I’m doing this, I’m totally myself, and I’m totally involved at the same time.

3.) What is it you don’t have, that you’ve absolutely got to have?

Not a thing, since the digital camera did arrive in the mail. But then there’s always the optional AV adapter.

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