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The best pet.




Lost Focus

Lost focus? What focus?

Exactly my point, no pun intended. I don’t seem to have one; kind of all over the place lately.

Aw oh… what you gonna do about it?

Maybe just relax with it for a bit, and see where I end up. Anyway, it’s time to fix dinner now. I guess, I’m lucky I managed to get a haircut yesterday. One thing going on is I’m worried about Gayle, and the whole online dating fiasco that she seems to be setting up.

Why do you call it a fiasco?

Maybe I think it’s going to be a fiasco, and it won’t be. It may actually be worse than a fiasco; it could turn out to be a disaster.

Huh, why do you say that?

I don’t want to say more. Boy, am I getting paranoid or what?

Don’t worry about it, most likely it’s “or what.”

Okay, thanks.

Happy New Year

Still fooling around…

Around about, around of golf, around the bend, around of poker, around of what?

Just stuff, jquery, slimbox, WordPress as CMS. Trying to fix a couple of LCD screens also = desoldering/soldering tiny resistors and getting better at it. However, the damn LCDs still don’t work.

I figured out how to setup and use slimbox with jquery. Better do something with it, before I forget how it works!