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Fixing stuff, myself included…

Permalinks on goDaddy server?

Well… wordpress say updated. NOT anything about update my .htaccess file; however, server says not found? So trying with new post. Is that the difference? Also I want to see if the above file is generated and where it is.

Setting up table editor in posts


trying to make it so…

now see if it stay? Does seem to stay inplace so this could work
move data around 3 lines at a time but only if i can get it to work with my server what now
okay then dana this might be okay to use we’ll just have to see. cool now we see if it can sustain life in the ot zone or will it be a mess

i do think this will be the answer

I can get it to work on the Godaddy severs, but not my own Apache server?

However, Dana will not be hosting her own site; so worry about my development platform later.