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Not Writing

Not writing? So what the hell does that mean?

I’m trying to figure that out, but I think it means I’m out of touch with myself.

Maybe you should masturbate more often.

Oh cut it out; you know that’s not what I meant. I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing everyday, and while, I’m going through the motions of attending my painting classes, I’m not doing much painting either.

So what’s your excuse?

Everything seems to take more time than it should, or time is less than it used to be. Maybe that’s what they mean when they say, “time is relative,” or is it Einstein’s theory of relativity? Whatever it is, it’s what’s happening, kind of like, “wherever you go, there you are.”

The theory of relativity, that’s your excuse?

Yes. You know, I once had a relative who traveled so far in time that he mistook the day before yesterday for the day after tomorrow. Needless to say, he was not my favorite relative. And, now in a similar vein, think about this, in the “meantime.” What kind of time is that, the meantime? And, while you’re at it, just think about the word mean. Am I trying to tell you what I mean, or am I just being mean by any means.

How did we get from not writing, to the meaning of time and words?

A good question, considering it took a considerable amount of time to arrive there. But, you’re here.

“Why don’t you write books people can read?”

–Nora Joyce, to her husband James


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Tuesday Too # 31 Takes a Powder

Tuesday Too1.) In this fast paced world we live in, is stress keeping you from realizing your full potential? Good God!, who wrote that? It sounds like an advertisement for a weekend workshop on inner peace.

2.) Due to the nature of question number one, it is suggested that you answer it anyway you can, and then leave your own question for the next person, or persons to answer in the comment. On the other hand, you could just hit the back button.

3.) What’s really on your mind?

I find I’m more stressed out than I should be. My mind is jumping from one thing to the next without accomplishing anything. My painting class on Wednesday is driving me nuts. She’s teaching acrylics; I’m doing oils. She’s teaching faux backgrounds; I don’t want to. It’s just [mentalpause]; I need more tofu.

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“It is by no means certain that our individual personality is the single inhabitant of these our corporeal frames… We all do things both awake and asleep which surprise us. Perhaps we have cotenants in this house we live in.”

–Oliver Wendell Holmes


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

The Old Fashioned Way

Yup, making money “the old fashioned way” once again, which for me means painting houses.

I thought you said you were sick of that?

hmmm… yes it’s true. I’ve said that, but my life sometimes seems such a mish-mash of things in the wings, that painting is an easy stop gap solution. In all likelihood, there are too many stop gap solutions in my life. And no, I’m not depressed. I’m just reflecting on my problem solving techniques, and I see that they need an injection of creativity.

So, can you come up with a creative solution?

I’m working on it. I’m also struggling with my landscape painting class. Painting on location is a whole different thing, than painting in the studio. Yes, it green over there, but several greens, and is it lighter here, or over there? The light changes so fast; after 2 hours, you might as well put your canvas away, pull out a new one, and start another painting. In fact, this is exactly what we do, a morning painting and an afternoon painting. We spend two days at each location. I NEED that digital camera, which hasn’t arrived yet! A call to CA is in my plans for this evening, as in, “like where’s the camera? Have you shipped it yet? Did you get the $?” Perhaps it will miraculously arrive today.

“History is a vast early warning system.”

–Norman Cousins


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Tuesday Too # 30

Tuesday Too1.) Are you willing to remain silent on something you strongly believe in, in order to avoid confrontation with your friends or family. Why would you, or wouldn’t you do this?

2.) Do you think trust is necessary for a “real relationship?” Do you trust easily? Do you find your faith in others is usually justified, or have you been betrayed one too many times?

3.) Have you bought something on ebay, or another auction site? Tell us about your experience. Was it positive or negative? What did you get? Would you do it again?

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“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”

–Oscar Wilde


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Fighting Addiction

What addiction?

Ebay has become if not an addiction, at least a nagging obsession. It all began last Wednesday, after a late party primary night out with the Schaefer people at Pier 5 in Baltimore. I got up early wednesday, and started thinking about what I really wanted. It also happened to be September 11th.

What does September 11th have to do with it.

I watched television; the events that unfolded a year ago were brought up to the surface again. I felt small to be thinking that I wanted something. I suffered only the images; I lost no one that I knew personally, not in the World Trade Center, nor in the Pentagon, nor in the Pennsylvania field. I lost only a world view; a world view ironically not held by most of the world. Now my perspective is much more in sync with the rest of the world. I’m not safe. I am vulnerable to attack at any moment from those I know not. It is something I know, but don’t/won’t live with in the moment, which is not to say I’ve stopped living in the moment.

So, did you still want something?

Yes, I wanted something for my artist/design self. I wanted a digital camera, a good one, a cheap good one. Now we know that cheap and good are not synonymous, and with that in mind I decided that ebay was my best option.

How did ebay get the best of you?

Well, I’m still not sure who got the best of who; however, if you search for digital camera, thousands of items come up. After reading descriptions and viewing images on about 50 pages, I settled on a 3.3 mp Olympus C-3000 zoom as what I really wanted. None of them seemed to be going, going, gone for less than $300.00 dollars. There were at least 10 of them with various time left in the auction. I bid on one at $215, but was quickly out bid, and it ended up going for $340.00. I started narrowing my search to the “buy now category,” which means you can have it for the price listed until a bid is put on it, after which this option disappears. I found one within my price range, a display model with scratches on the LCD screen and no batteries. I pushed the “buy now” button with trepidation and much hesitation.

What were you worried about?

The seller only accepts money orders or certified checks. Ebay only insures your money back on fraud up to $175.00. I could lose some money and have nothing; however, the seller while not a “power seller” looks good. He/she has high ratings from other buyers. I sent off the money order on Friday the 13th! aaaaaacccccccccccck

Where’s the additction?

Now I find myself cruising ebay in search of cheap batteries, and other asunder things. I could be blogging. I could be painting, but instead I’m searching for deals. I’ll let you know if, and when I actually receive the coveted camera.

“A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history – with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila.”

–Mitch Ratliffe


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Tuesday Too # 29

Tuesday Too1.) Today in Maryland, and in 11 other states in this country we are having primary elections. Do you participate in the election process at the local level? Do you feel your vote counts? Did your feelings on this change after the last US presidential election?

2.) On the eve of September 11th, is the United States in danger of losing her civil liberties? Is there some right you would refuse to give up even though it might present a security risk? Why is it so important?

3.) Do you have a local issue you’d like to gripe/rant about? Go ahead spit it out?

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“Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.”

–Amelia Earhart


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”