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Fixing stuff, myself included…

ho ho ho

merry christmas no caps = iPod

typing on tiny keyboard

= not leading to more posts. + must I use HTML? oh dear.

About Time!

Time for what?

Time to be back here. Haven’t posted since last upgrade to WordPress.

Jeezopeezo, so what brought you back here?

Added the WordPress App to my iPod.

Your iPod?

Yesireebob! Got the latest, and may I add the greatest iPod Touch 4, and best of all I’ve got it working as a phone too.

You said iPod not iPhone…

I know what I said. I’ve got it all set up with a sip number + Goole Voice + the iSpot. I can make and receive calls anywhere the iSpot picks up the 4G signal, which is all over Baltimore and Annapolis. It’s Great! So maybe I’ll post more often.

Or not?

Yeah, or not.

I think you should post a How to Make iPod Phone.

First let’s just see if I’ll publish anything using the WordPress App.