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“Along Time” Gone

Reading the dance of a poem between the lines of night and day, between the song of solemn and the fork and spoon leaving town together; what a sight, in their silver armor, guarding the light from the night. I cannot call it darkness; it’s too foreboding. I’m afraid of the bear in overbear; perhaps that’s exactly what the word means. Yes perhaps. And what about “over” other things, like turn, and burden, and rule, and see, and there… There is much to be learned by keeping track of your thoughts as they escape from the darkness… Is it to overcome over here or overhear. the way we say what can’t be said is startling, and yet some would say “it’s about time.”

What the hell? You go fromĀ deliding processors to the fork and the spoon…

Well, like the title says, along time gone. Look at 9/28/02 for more on time.

I think you’ve gone overboard. LOL