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Spending the Night by myself

Last night I was alone in my house. Sleep never came. My best friend Abbott who’s lived with me for about 10 years died yesterday. When I went to his room to wake him up, he was already gone. All day I was wishing I could go back to bed, and get up again so things would be different. I would like to think he’s gone to Paris. We had been talking about going there for quite awhile. He wanted to show me a beautiful forest just outside of Paris. Today, August 14th is Abbott’s birthday; he would have been 82. I don’t know if my writing today, means I’ll be writing again on a regular basis. I look at the post below, that I posted, but didn’t publish in May, and so can’t really say. My house of cards seems to be falling down, and the car needing a clutch, and much more sits in front of it. And I find no pleasure in the fact that the internet is still here. If writing feels good I’ll do it, if it doesn’t I won’t.

“Designated driver, on the information highway.”