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Things Not Forgotten

All Knowing Psychic ReavealerOkay… I haven’t forgotten the soon to be unveiled Psychic Revealer I promised you on 1/20/2002; she’s still in the works. And two, I haven’t given up on figuring out a blogsnob/pyRad type of exchange for the Testzone either. However, after the fiasco with apache and trying to configure my new ISP so that I could stay online for more than five seconds, I’m a little bit leery about entering the PHP realm and, I think I’ll try to set it up with javaScript instead. But, then again I do want to learn PHP so you’ll just have to wait and see what comes up on that one.

Are you really an internet junky?

I said yesterday that I was without question. So why are you questioning me?

How bout, are you content being an internet junky?

I’ve got to ask myself the question, whether or not I’m shutting out the “real world” by spending so much time online? And then if the answer is yes, question two = do I really want to shut out the “real world?” and if the answer to question two = yes, I’d better rewrite the pseudo code in such a way that I’m forced to deal more directly with the variables in my data field.

Are you a computer?

While most questions require a simple yes or no, 1 or 0, on or off, I fail to see the logic in your reasoning. Therefore, I must inform you that your particular kind of logic has produced an infinite loop. Since all our available memory is now going in circles, we’ll just have to see the psychic about that! Stayed tuned for her infinite wisdom.

“The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

–Oscar Wilde

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”



“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Back on Track

There’s nothing like going cold turkey on your internet connection! If I ever questioned whether or not I was an internet junky, there’s no question anymore. I’d probably make a good candidate for the hard wiring humans to computers project. Part of my connection problem was due to my fooling around with apache http software (see Mental Prosthesis 1/26/2002). I uninstalled it this morning, and finally my previously unstable connection is now firmly rooted in cement boots. I can now stomp around in the way I’ve become accustomed to, which is having at least two browsers open with multiple windows of each, a couple of notepad files going, an image manager/viewer, and my ftp program running.

What’s else is going on?

“No rest for the weary.” It seems everything breaks at once. The bolt lock on my front door decided yesterday that it would no longer drop the bolt. So today means being a locksmith, or at least someone handy with a screw driver, and twenty twenty vision. I changed the lock myself about five years ago, but like everything else you don’t do on a regular basis you forget the procedure, and this operation does not come with dialogue boxes. The instructions that come with the lock will be the size of something Stuart Little could read with a magnifying glass. Much cussing will be required to understand what they mean even after deciphering the tiny print. Perhaps I should try reading the instructions while in the car as that’s where I do my best cussing.

Are you one of those people with road rage?

Not really, but I do metamorphose from type B to type A as soon as I turn the ignition switch. This is not pretty; there is no butterfly in this story. If you’re driving in front of me, do not drive as SUV, truck or a van, because I need to see five cars ahead of me so I can plan accordingly, because (a) my car is small and I can’t see over you, and (b) I don’t trust you to see what’s up ahead. When you take into account the number of SUVs, trucks and vans on the road, you get the picture: me tensely gripping the wheel, brow fiercely knitted, and words no mother wants to hear.

“The basis of optimism is sheer terror.”

– -Oscar Wilde


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”


Kinks in new isp, trouble connecting and staying connected! Can’t get my mail either; so if you’ve been trying to reach me and haven’t gotten a response, now you know why. Will respond as soon as I’ve ironed out the bugs.


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

How Much Revealed?

If you type your name into google, what comes up? How much do you want “the world” to know? If you’ve been blogging for a couple of months the robots know it and show it. Therefore, I’ve decided to delete a small bit (0100) of information from a post. The Internal Affairs Blog Police are watching you; every tittle and jot is recorded by the robots.

Why? Are you protecting yourself or someone else?

Some things really are better left unsaid.

“As human beings, we are endowed with freedom of choice, and we cannot shuffle off our responsibility upon the shoulders of God or nature. We must shoulder it ourselves. It is our responsibility.”

–Arnold J. Toynbee


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Mental Prosthesis

Yes, in these troubled times of who done what to whom, a mental prosthesis is paramount if you’re hobbled by bees in your head.

Bees in your head?

bees in your headNotice I didn’t post yesterday? That was due to the number of bees found bumbling around in the frontal lobes. A mental prosthesis is like a Freudian bridge for the mouth; however, one must be constantly on the lookout for feet. “Four feet under”, that’s what they said, “if you’ve got bees in your head you may as well be four feet under.” Now that’s something you can get your teeth into.

So that’s why you didn’t post?

Well, not exactly. I got sidetracked off into php land; that’s where the bees come in. I started thinking how cool the blogsnob ads are, and wanted to figure out how to do it without using javaScript. So I’m reading a php tutorial at daholygoat. Ah, I see I need to download the apache webserver as well as the php engine. Oh, and then I’ve got to find the absolute coolest freeware super text editor. The text editor I found HTML-KIT is pretty damn cool; however, then I spent way too much time downloading and installing a wide variety of pluggins for it and then figuring out how to use them. Meanwhile, I’m still on the first page of the tutorial; hours go by while I’m trying to figure out how number one, to configure the server as console, and then two, from console to server, and how to install the php engine. And why does it need my SMPT mail? I still don’t know s..t about how to set up the ads using php!

What’s on your plate for today?

I think I’ll chew on something my own size for a change the thesis in exchange for the prosthesis; although there’s nothing I like better than trying to figure out [knew] “stuff”, or should I say trying to swallow more than I can chew?

“Imagine the Creator as a stand up commedian – and at once the world becomes explicable.”

–H. L. Mencken

Final Note

Speaking of prosthetics here’s a very weird site: cutoffmyfeet. Real? Sick? Sad? Joke? I have no idea? = Inexplicable!


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Trade Secrets

“I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”, we all remember that one! Trading secrets is the beginning of building trust between two people. Don’t you find that a little odd? It’s not just trading histories with each other as if they were baseball cards. It’s not just sharing information which ends or begins with, “now you can’t tell anyone else about this…”, or “you can’t tell so and so…” Trading secrets is more than gossip.

What’s the difference?

If it’s gossip you’re merely exchanging “pleasantries”. A secret when revealed contains within it a part of you. The sum of those revealed parts is the measure of trust you are capable of maintaining within a particular relationship. Your measure may be larger or smaller than the measure of your friend/lover/wife/husband.


Are we drawn most to those who reveal themselves, or to those who elicit the [revealer] within us? They are not necessarily one and the same.

“There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.”

–Bertrand Russell


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”