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Fixing stuff, myself included…

Back in the saddle?

Where have you been? What have you been doing the last 6 months?

Too much to tell all; however, I can give you a brief rundown.

Don’t hit me with a car for God’s sake, and if you must please do be brief!

You did ask the question, and now you want to micromanage the answer?

Okay, Okay, say whatever you want.

Thank you. Here’s the list:

  • Built myown PC from barebones Shuttle: which means I started off with a case, motherboard and power supply. I added/installed the CPU (core 2 quad 6600), video card (agp Nvidia GeForce 7200GS), HD (SATA Seagate 250gb), Optical D (Pioneer CD/DVD rw +- dual layer) and Ram (4gb).
  • Installed (using retail DVD) and boot132 method) Leopard 10.5.0. on the Shuttle PC. Successfully updated several times via apple deltas. Now running 10.5.6 with Core Image and Quartz Extreme enabled! Using a 22″ Apple Cinema Display via ADC to DVI connector.
  • Dual booting Ubuntu Hardy Heron with Compiz 3d working. Grub menu for dual boot of Hardy and Leopard.
  • Fiddled, fooled and tweaked a HP Pavillion P4 1.7ghz into running Leopard (10.5.6). No Core Image or Quartz Extreme; however it’s pretty snappy for this old rig. Oh, and it’s dual booting with Hardy as well, but no Compiz. I think I’m more proud/pleased to have gotten the HP going, because it required a lot more hacking than the Shuttle.

More on “mechanical” Mac fixes in next post.


Well… I just watched a 5 min. youtube video on darning socks.

Huh, whatever for?

My favorite kitty kat socks have a hole in one of the heels.

He’ll get you for that.

Wait a minute, I thought I was the one to make statements, and you just ask questions.

It’s a new day and a New Year; “change” was the big word for google in 2008. Sew…

I didn’t say so. I said darn.

Are we going to be having “word salad” for 2009?

Not entirely, and anyway you started it.