Art Attack Central

Fixing stuff, myself included…

Tweaking and Tweaking

and more tweaking… Now that I managed to get a page looking more like what it should. No not this page the other one. I must somehow translate that look into a WordPress format and make it content manageable to the extent which is required, and only that extent.

That extent only – how come?

The layout and design of the page itself must be “protected” from inadvertent change, while allowing content change.

Oh my, how will you do that?

It’s a mystery that is more complex than I anticipated; however, I’m proceeding to unravel the secrets. Admittedly my progress is slow, but I will persevere and make it so.   

My oh My…

Jezzopeezo and then some. What?

All in place, “just” have to figure out how to make it all work.

All what work? 

I’ve got a plugin for forms and submissions, a plugin checking spam and a plugin for web/pod casting. Yes, I’ve managed to get them all installed; now I must figure out how to make them work properly, after which, I’ll worry about how it all looks on the outside. Dana when you get here, “pay no attention to the curtain. ” Right now it’s what’s going on behind the curtain that matters. I think it won’t be a problem to make it un-blog like looking.

Upgraded WordPress

Whew… :-} and then some! LOL

After finally figuring out how to install on godaddy servers, which included creating a database, I found that a new version of WordPress was released 3 days ago! Ahem, being the Queen of installs I had no recourse, but to forge ahead and figure out how to do the upgrade. Done! 

This post is really to see if all works well? Here goes/hit the post button. 

Okay the preview works, now for publish… 

It works, it works and that’s no April Fools!