Art Attack Central

Fixing stuff, myself included…

Upgrade okay

Successful Upgade of the WordPress install. Kind of a pain in the ass, but done.

Why are you fooling around here, instead of getting your Myspace account more up to date?

I really don’t want to deal with Myspace right now. It’s just one more “how do I configure this project?” and I’ve got this  WordPress on Art Attack, the “Testzone” Blogger  account floating around somewhere, Ann’s new Blog account to make right, and then there’s Facebook which I’m also ignoring at the moment.

Okay…, but what about Missy and the grandkids? The’re not using WordPress, Blogger or Facebook they’re on myspace!

I just can’t cope with Myspace right now. I need to update Art Attack, and I’m thinking I’ll use WordPress for the .com overhaul. So first things first.

Sounds like you’re having a blogging break down to me. Are you?

No, I have too many things in the air at once is all.

Redesign Art Attack

Yes, it looks really bad to me. Got some new ideas to put out there so…

Jezeopeezo, I am so all over the place the last few days! From checking out video podcasting to a redo of Art Attack. Who knows when that’ll happen really.

Here’s a graphic I’m fooling with in Photoshop for mouseover effects.

Photo Gem

Mouseover, isn’t that old tired stuff; why do you want to trot that out one more time?

We’ll see, we’ll see… I don’t even know how much energy I can put into this right now.

Don’t even ask…

Ask what?

What I’m doing here on a Sunday afternoon in June. The second longest day of the year, I might add.

Oh, go ahead and add it.

I just did for [cryinoutloud].

Looks like a storm is coming up; your computer’s getting too hot, and you better get off the internet!

Okay I’ll get off, but my computer’s really not getting too hot. It’s only reading 106.7 F and I’m not running the air conditioner. I do need to get a can of air and blow the dust out though.

Why don’t you post a picture for me?

Okay… let me see what I’ve got.

Well I did, but I see no indication of it here. Maybe after I post, it’ll show up?


Okay there it is. Had to go back and insert in post again.