Art Attack Central

Fixing stuff, myself included…

Why are you here?

Snake Oil

What are you going to do with this website now, and what’s the snake oil

thingie? Are you going to sell Snake Oil?

Just give me a minute; after all the rigamarole of getting Art Attack totally reconfigured, I can concentrate.

Concentrate… seems like all you’ve ever done with WordPress is fool around, and tweak it to death. Why did you wipe out what was Art Attack?

It was not current, up to date; it was long in the tooth. Practically a fang if you want to get technical.

American Woodcock

Yeah, but what about the Snake Oil, and what’s up with the long billed bird? Is this, “move along, nothing to see here?”

From my perspective it’s NOT, “nothing to see here.” Blogger archives have been imported, and the archives need some URLs removed and/or replaced. Some older posts need to be highlighted on home page, and perhaps some need to be destroyed.

There you go. See what I mean? = more tweaking and fixing. Why don’t you just start saying stuff? 

Perhaps I’m more comfortable with figuring things out then “talking” about them. However, I guess there’s no point in being here, if it’s just round and round of tweaking. I have so much going on in my life right now weighing me down.

Don’t worry about it you could stand to lose a little weight! 

Well… today is 2/10/2018 and I’ve gained and lost weight a few times. You can search for Mr. Potatoehead, death, dead dog and whatever else you want; even I don’t know what you’ll find. Some dead URLs have been removed, and some haven’t. For safety sake if a link says you need an updated flash plugin, forget it.