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Tuesday Too # 23

Tuesday Too1.) Do you have a friend like Mr. Potatoehead? In other words do you have a friend that trouble seems to follow like a bad penny? Tell us about that friend or one of his/her bad pennies?

2.) Was there something you really meant to accomplish, or really wanted to do that you didn’t do last week? How come you didn’t do it?

3.) Pretend you’re in the market for a therapist. What would be the therapist’s most desirable quality? Why that one?

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“If you don’t learn to laugh at troubles, you won’t have anything to laugh at when you grow old.”

–Edward W. Howe


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Train Derails Outside D.C.

The Capital Limited Amtrak train derailed in Kensington, approximately 10 miles from D.C.’s Union Station this afternoon at 2:15. At this time it’s known that at least 6 cars and possibly 8 are derailed and lying on their sides; 194 people were traveling southbound on the train from Chicago to Washington D.C. At least 6 people are critically injured, and have been taken to area hospitals. Many others with injuries are being treated on site. Fire and police rescue teams are still helping passengers climb out of the cars.

If you’re concerned about a friend or family member traveling on that train, here’s the Amtrak for information number: 1-800-523-9101


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Potatoehead Pancake

I thought Mr. Potatoehead was a friend of yours; surely you’re not going to eat him?

Of course not. I’m referring to the time I saw Mr. Potatoehead’s face in a pancake; it was quite like the experience of the woman who saw Jesus in a taco shell. I’m just kidding; what I’m really referring to is the time Mr. Potatoehead, disguised as a pancake, entered the local Denny’s restaurant.

Potatoe Mentality

Why was he disguised as a pancake?

The regulations on driver’s licenses require Potatoes to be at least able to see over the dashboard; however, pancakes are eligible to drive when they are capable of stacking. Mr. Potatoehead at the age of twenty five, knew he was not going to reach the required height, and thus had come up with the ingenious idea of passing himself off as a pancake.

But why go to Denny’s?

Since we did not thoroughly understand the nature of pancake stacking, we though it was a good place to start. Trouble began as soon as we entered the establishment. Pancake pandemonium broke out of the kitchen, screaming obscenities and hurling scrambled eggs at not only Mr. Potatoehead, but at the innocent clientele as well. The once docile patrons, now tipped over chairs and upset tables in their mad rush to escape the flying eggs. Knives and forks began to rattle like sabers, and Pancakes leapt off of plates and began jockeying for life saving positions. Mr. Potatoehead’s plan; however, ingenious had unwittingly started the Pancake Revolution.

I never heard of the Pancake Revolution?

It’s been kept under wraps for a very long time. As a matter of fact, the Pancake Revolution marks the beginning of the end of species specific regulations. Now that’s a wrap fact in a manner of speaking, even though speaking of spoken is verboten.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

–Jules de Gautier


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Blogathon 2002

Eve @ Creative Doubt has just posted the first of 48 posts in 24 hours. You go girl!”

What’s going on with you?

Baltimore’s Artscape 2002 is what I’m going to do. Last year it was great; so my expectations are high. The other things I’m going to do is start a new painting, and put the abstract for my thesis online.

Every exit is an entry somewhere.”

–Tom Stoppard


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”


What groove?

Groove Workspace, which is highly encrypted (not easily hacked) desktop software for file sharing and collaboration. My brother is writing the security white paper for Groove. Files can be updated/changed/shared immediately by anyone within your selected group. The personal trial version allots you 3 share spaces, which means you can share whichever files you choose with three other computers/people. The purchase version allows you an infinite number of share spaces.

Why would I want it?

I don’t know, but I can tell you why I want it. Art Attack Central is a partnership; I do the design work and my partner does writing/content development. First, rather than sending updates/changes via email, we can instantly share/work on the files when both of us are online. Secondly, if I make changes to a files we are sharing, my partner’s files will be immediately updated when she gets online, and she will be alerted to changes made on those particular files.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

–Arthur C. Clarke


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

Another Elliott Tale

I was online this morning searching for safety netting.


The second Elliott incident, that occurred while I was away was not as minor as the first. Abbott was sound asleep in bed. The bed is right next to a tall oak dresser. On top of the dresser is an old brass lamp, which we turn on and off by turning the light bulb. Elliott, bored with all this sleeping non activity, decided to jump up on top of the dresser. The lamp fell off, landing on Abbott, and turned on. Abbott leapt out of bed, and Elliott careened out of the room. Abbott dashed out the door after Elliott, and saw him race to the third floor, where he made an attempt to land gracefully on the railing, which is round and not flat. His landing was not efficient; Elliott dangled precariously from the railing, and how he held on I don’t know. Abbott bolted up the stairs, grabbed him up, and saved him from a three story fall.

Maybe he learned his lesson?

NOT! While I was cruising the net this morning, I heard him jump out in the hallway. There’s nothing to jump to in the hallway except the railing. I almost turned my chair over in my panic to get out there. My heart pounding, I called his name softly as I watched him walk smartly down the rail, towards me and the newel post. When Elliott reached the relative safety of the post, I scooped him up. The only thing he’s learned is how to land on the railing, and I’m not sure he’ll make it every time. It occurred to me that perhaps I should put a trampoline at the bottom of the stairwell, but I’m afraid that would only encourage him. I’m thinking of getting a cat trick training book. Elliott and I will go on the road together, and make a fortune entertaining our way across the country. When we reach Hollywood, he’ll decide to settle down, and become the kitty cat therapist he was meant to be, and I will become a stunt woman.

Rich has started the Monday Top Five.

“All that I desire to point out is the general principle that Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.”

–Oscar Wilde


“Designated driver, on the information highway.”