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The KityKat De-Konstruction Kompany

Yes, that’s the name of Elliott’s new business. He’s getting all his experience at home. He has no other choice, because his sentence, after the guilty verdict came in was 6 months home detention. The tiny monitor around his paw is a constant nuisance; however, he still manages to get the job done. Anything you want on the floor in peices, he’s your man. Call 1-800 ELLIOTT for help.

What’s going on in the real world?

Abbott and I has dinner with my friend Su yesterday, and watched the Jackie Chan movie “Tuxedo.” Very funny.

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Kitty Cat Craziness

Last night Elliott spent the entire evening glued to my lap. Purring, grooming and sleeping were the main events. Whereas the night before he was trying out for the staring role in Kitty Cat From Hell


Kitty Cat From Hell?

While I tried in vain to carry on a conversation with Abbott, Elliott proceeded to climb the kitchen shelves and sweep breakables off onto the floor with his paw. Today is a new day, and as I write this I hear him efficiently stripping the wallpaper in the second floor hall with his lovely little claws. I sincerely hope this does not foreshadow further destruction and mayhem.

Court Proceeding Excerpt

“In my closing argument for the defense ladies and gentlemen, I must remind you that Elliott was an orphan, his origins are unknown, and in fact if not fiction I herewith stand on my own convictions (no pun intended).”

“The defendant ladies and gentlemen is quite beautiful, but you should not be swayed by his outer continence. What counts here, need I remind you, are his unruly ways. You’ve heard the testimony; the defendant is well aware of his beauty, and has been warned repeatedly that one day he’ll no longer be able to get along on his good looks.”

“Objection, your honor, the defendant is not on trial for his good looks; he’s been accused of destroying the shot glass with the little pig on it, with maliciousness and forethought. The defense maintains that while he destroyed the shot glass it was not with malicious intent, but rather playful intent.”

Gavel banging…

“Order, order, order in the court room. Counsels please approach the bench. Now, what’s at steak here… Mr Katz please control your client, or he will be removed from the court room!”

“Elliott sit down, it’s not that kind of steak. I’m sorry your honor, my client was confused by your choice of words”.

“Now, as I was saying what’s at issue is not whether the kitty cat is beautiful, or if he broke the shot glass with the little pig on it, but rather was his action premeditated and malicious? Therefore, I sustain your objection Mr Katz. The jury will disregard the prosecutors last remarks”

“But your honor.”

“Don’t but your honor me, or you’ll find your butt in jail Miss Piggy.”

“Ah, yes sorry your honor.” Miss Piggy gazed demurely at the floor.

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Check out the weird, and crazy mind reader; can you figure out how it’s done?

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Tuesday Too Tuesday Too

1.) Is the justice system in the US really fair? Why, or why not?

I’m reminded of an article I read recently in the The New York Times Sunday magazine section on the 4th District Circuit Court. The article was about 3 weeks ago, so it’s no longer available free online. The court was “painted” as ultra conservative. But that doesn’t necessarily make it unfair? If nine times out of ten this court rules (overruling lower court decisions including monetary awards by jury) on the side of business, or the state, then the process is at the very least skewed. While the country focuses on war, Bush will push through his nominations for even more conservative judges to replace those retiring from the 4th Circuit Court bench. But, you’re not talking about the Supreme Court. That’s true; however, most cases from the 4th circuit appealed to the Supreme Court are not accepted, and the 4th Circuit Court ruling stands.

2.) In a crisis are you a leader, or a follower? Why do you take that role?

I think it depends on the particular crisis. If I have knowledge that will facilitate/render a quick solution I will take charge. If I’m with someone I trust I might follow their lead rather then assuming the leadership role. Why? Hell, I don’t know, after all my degree is in psychology.

3.) Is there some reason for your madness? What is it?

Today “in my neck of the woods” it’s the glorious spring weather. Tomorrow it will probably be due to my sunburn.

“Justice is incidental to law and order.”

–J. Edgar Hoover

Post your URL in the comment.

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Here’s what I’m thinking: If anybody has a question that they’d really like people to respond to for the Tuesday Too tomorrow, leave it in today’s comment, and I’ll include it in the Too. FYI: if you don’t know, or have forgotten, I usually post the Too around 5 AM eastern standard time on Tuesday morning.

What else are you thinking?

On Thursday I’m going to be upgrading my laptop to a 20 gig hard drive; I’m excited. 20 gigs on a laptop! However, there always seems to be some glitch in getting data from here to there, so a little bit of breath holding may be required. Saw The Mask yesterday; god I love computer graphics, such amazing stuff. Speaking of movies, they’re filming Ladder 49 in my neighborhood this spring. Maybe I’ll get a glance at John Travolta in his buffed up state. I fell in love with him in Saturday Night Fever.

Saturday Night Fever, how old are you anyway?

None of your business; however if you’re really interested I’ve probably said it somewhere already. Maybe I better put that search engine back on my site. I saw Saturday Night Fever when it first came out. It was part of perhaps the best Christmas I ever had. My lover and I went “up the road” with friends to the Zoo in Salisbury MD, then to the movie, and topped it off with dinner at a Chinese restuarant. I love the fact that Chinese holidays are different then the holidays I celebrate. My absolute favorite food is an Ethiopian dish called Kitfo; I think I told you that somewhere else too. I really must put that search engine back.

“Intel has announced its next chip: the Repentium.”


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Getting archives back

I swear; the next time I post it will not be this boring crap on getting things right, or not.

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Back in the swing, “just” had to choose new template, publish, go back and paste into template my old/updated template, and publish again. *sheech* One positive thing came out this [crapola]; I’ve got blogrolling going here now.

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Trying out blogrolling

Out of frustration, I’ve implemeanted blogrolling. Prior to this I spent 2 hours on the net trying to figure out blogger/pyra’s api stuff, soap, etc on set template. AAAAAaccccck! I sure hope this works, because if it doesn’t I’ll be looking for alternative publishing. FYI: I can’t use Moveable Type, because barrysworld doesn’t have Perl. So that said and done, here goes.

*Censored screaming and shouting*

The ******* thing still does not work.

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Blogger Frustration

Testing to see if I can publish at all.

So I can publish, but nothing changes on the right side of my template no matter what I do over there. GRRRR! *pounding head on table*. How can it continue to publish without going through my template? Damnit!

And another thing, something I’ve done has now allowed Netscape 4x to list the archive files, which I’ve never been able to make happen *holding head in hands*.

Boy now you’ve gone and done it!

Hmmm… as a last resort I’ve changed my template on my host server, and will now try to publish here with blogger. If all goes well that will mean for some reason Blogger is ignoring the right content tags on my template.


Nope that doesn’t work, which means blogger is reading and overwriting the right content tags, but it won’t accept the changes to the template I’ve made. The changes exist in the template itself, but don’t publish. Clueless in Baltimore? Anybody got any suggestions?

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New Stuff

I’m adding my friend Susana’s site (Chimera Cucina) to my hot blogs list on the right. Go check out her “crazy kitty” and his mystical accoutrements. Cruising around reading the answers to yesterday’s Tuesday Too revealed folks in the middle, folks on one side, and folks on the other. I’m not surprised. One article I came across that very much captured my interest, and raised my question level is here from Julie.

What else is happening?

On Thursday I’ll be getting some pictures of ruins in Italy taken by a friend. I saw them last week, and I got very excited about using them for paintings. And speaking of ruins, the mayhem and destruction in my neighborhood continues at an astonishing rate. There is one last stand of 6 row houses still to come down on 33rd St. and that’s it. Soon what were once large homes with huge beautiful gardens running an entire city block will be the Giant and the parking lot.

I thought you said you were adding your friend to the list on the right?

Well maybe it’s time for me to do the blog roll thing, because I’m having a hell of a time trying to make that happen. I don’t think it’s me; I think it blogger having a fit for whatever reason. I’ll have to tackle this later. I’m also trying to change Julie’s Chaotic Neutral to it’s new name

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