Art Attack Central

Fixing stuff, myself included…

Featherlight Box

Library/Media files not quite right. Will see if Featherlight works with a new image file.

Weird Cat

Ok all well with new file, including caption working. However, the images added at an earlier date have the wrong URLs. While the images are included in the posts, the images don’t function with Featherlight. hmmm…

Much todo about something

Blew the whole site away by changing the WordPress URL incorrectly. This was after moving all Art Attack files to a different directory. Couldn’t login to WordPress… All well now except featherlight box not working.

Why were you changing the WordPress URL?

Art Attack was so long in the tooth; I decided to just serve up WordPress and blog for now.

Freaking unbelievable

Probably spelled wrong. Well… hmm it’s 2016 who knew.

New what? New shoes? I’d like some new sandals.

Not that new.

“Designated driver, on the information highway.”

This or that?

Updating, and thinking all will be WordPress for CMS. Drupal is way more complex than I need, although  it’s great for a large commercial site.

How come?

All the sites I’ve designed over the years have faded away or downright disappeared.  I don’t know where art attack is headed right now; I don’t know what it’s going to become. Since I haven’t let it “fade away,” artattack needs to be redefined.

What about a blog?

I think I’m much too paranoid for blogging these days.

Of course I'm psychic!

Of course I’m psychic!


Enabled ssh = moved to a different server. Both my sub-directories (drupal/wordpress) are slow as butter in winter. Especially slow in the admin. area. I’ve done the required to changes to update the host connection string in wp-config for wordpress and php.settings in drupal. Still no joy; I’m hoping it’s a 24 hour catch up thing, but I doubt it. Some small bit of code somewhere probably needs to be changed.

All because I wanted to play with drush via ssh in drupal.

Leave Drupal 7 for later

Okay WordPress my old friend, at least I feel comfortable with your interface.

Thank you WordPress. I remember the days when it was a manual install onto whatever server.

Dana’s damn password, which she did not give to me correctly is making me crazy.

be back soon

been so long, i forgot my damn password. will write later today.

Gnome 3 White Artifacts

Gnome 3


And… Alt + F2 also artifacts


Gnome 3 troubles

this is with the default theme



The best pet.




Lost Focus

Lost focus? What focus?

Exactly my point, no pun intended. I don’t seem to have one; kind of all over the place lately.

Aw oh… what you gonna do about it?

Maybe just relax with it for a bit, and see where I end up. Anyway, it’s time to fix dinner now. I guess, I’m lucky I managed to get a haircut yesterday. One thing going on is I’m worried about Gayle, and the whole online dating fiasco that she seems to be setting up.

Why do you call it a fiasco?

Maybe I think it’s going to be a fiasco, and it won’t be. It may actually be worse than a fiasco; it could turn out to be a disaster.

Huh, why do you say that?

I don’t want to say more. Boy, am I getting paranoid or what?

Don’t worry about it, most likely it’s “or what.”

Okay, thanks.